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Steele and Vaughn Moving and Storage

Moving is always a challenging experience especially when you are searching for a local moving company that understands how to protect your items during the whole moving process as well as making sure that they are professional and won’t leave you in the middle of nightmare during one of your more stressful days. Steele & Vaughn Moving Service specializes in making your move as easy as possible while helping you to relax knowing that our staff has been through a thorough background investigation and has successfully passed random drug screenings while being trained in how to make your move the best it can be. We have also partnered with Arpin Van Lines, the nation’s 5th largest moving specialists and a leader in the moving industry since 1900, to give our clients an even better moving experience. Expert analysis of the move to make sure they didn’t pay for more moving services than they needed. All of this and more communicated to our previous clients that we were professionals who would be there for them from the start to the end when they could relax in their new location. To us, moving is not something we do on the side to earn a few quick dollars, its part of who we are. And wouldn’t you rather have professional movers licensed with the NC Mover’s Association as well as partnered with moving specialists like Arpin Van Lines helping you start that next phase of your life? You know you’re going to remember moving day ; everyone does. We just believe it should be with a smile on your face. Call us today and let us get you the information on our services and pricing that you need to know.