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We’re ripe for the picking! For more than 10 years, Sterling Heights’ Lakeside Budget Storage has been the place to harvest space for all your storage needs, all year ‘round. Whether you’re running a home or business, putting in your time at college or with our Air National Guard, we have the storage space and services to simplify your life.

Business Storage & Personal Storage Solutions
We’d all like our lives to look a bit more like an orderly apple orchard, and that’s where Lakeside Budget Storage comes in. Have small storage needs and a budget to match? Choose one of our closet-size storage units to store your boxed files and seasonal clothes. Have a business that’s outgrown your office space? Find affordable square footage at our Hall Rd storage facility for your nearly-on-site supply room. Moving your whole household into storage for renovation or military deployment? A 12’ x 30’ high-ceilinged, climate-controlled storage space is ready and waiting for you. No climbing stairs (or ladders, for that matter!) to load in and out of our ground floor storage. You can choose to drive right up to your exterior-access unit, or use our free flatbed carts to roll your boxes to an interior unit.

Affordable Storage Unit Rentals Daily
Our one-stop shopping approach to moving and storage makes it even easier. Our U-Haul trucks come in as many sizes as our storage units, and our packing supplies include an equally wide range of boxes. You can even manage all your shipping with our on-site services, and our office is open daily to accept your deliveries. We know our clients’ storage needs are as diverse as their tastes, so whether you start your day with a cider doughnut or an apple spice muffin, we have your storage solutions…and a free cup of coffee, to boot!