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Intra-State Moves – 40 Miles and Above Within the State:Charges for services are in a manner very similar to the one used for interstate moving, described below. If you are moving within the state, be sure to find out which pricing method is used.Interstate Moves:Interstate moving services are another matter entirely, since interstate transportation is regulated by the Department of Transportation and are based on published tariffs.There are five elements that have been figured in pricing an interstate move.Transportation or Line Haul:The amount is based on the weight of the shipment and the distance from origin to destination. Most moving companies will charge based on a minimum weight of 2100 pounds in the summer and 1500 pounds at other times.Accessorial Services:These are additional services available such as extra pickup or deliveries, stair carries, appliance servicing, or bulky item handling. In some congested areas, such as New York City and other large cities, there is an additional transportation charge due to the added time required to maneuver a large van.Packing and Unpacking:Each new container or box is priced differently and is based on size and function. Used containers are generally available from a mover at a minimum or no charge. In addition, there are published hourly rates for packing and unpacking services.