The Associates at Flash Haul Away stay on top at utilizing modern methods from today’s resources in conducting small to large scale quality cleanouts and the hauling of various size items from a residence or a small business. They will correctly dispose of your unwanted junk items after instructions from the client. Flash Haul Away owner Jon Persky offers storage at a nominal rate or selling your items of “value” through various channels, while certain limitations and restrictions apply.

Flash Haul Away recognizes “special” items like yard debris, scrap metals, automobile tires and empty bottles of cleaning formula, which contain harmful substances to the overall environment.

Manager Jon Persky and his co-workers carry the expertise to redirect the safe removing and disposal of those products at one of the local certifiable and authorized waste centers, salvage yards and recycling facilities.

If it’s a large conference table or desktop shelving unit getting in the way of your space , we carry on board the proper equipment and tools required to disassemble and transport. We can also take your unwanted electronics. ( computers, monitors, printers, servers, etc..)

If there are restrictions at the building where you are employed during the business day on when ” removal” of items needs to occur, we can make arrangements ahead to accommodate scheduling and/ or on a weekend date.

The onset of clutter or evolving into the “packrat” mode is by no means the birth of a new age phenomena . This is why the people at Flash Haul Away realize every person is unique with his or her needs for disposing , storing or selling unwanted items. Each customer can expect to receive personalized attention for their desired plan in the removal of their “junk.”

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