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DFW Movers & Erectors, Inc a company that has meant quality service and customer satisfaction since its inception. Founded in 1980 by Neal and Joanne Ingle, what started as a two-person operation with one truck has grown to become a diversified corporation of not only a complete rigging and millwright service, but also painting, crating and laser alignment services. Throughout the company’s growth, DFW Movers has still retained its commitment to customer satisfaction in all areas of the services provided. Although the company is based in Dallas-Fort Worth and San Marcos, it has become one of the leading rigging and millwright contractors in the United States. However, DFW Movers has not been limited to this region, or even the U. S., as the company has provided its expertise in Canada, China, and Mexico. More than just a slogan, “One Machine or a Complete Plant”, summarizes the rigging and millwright function. DFW Movers, a member of thepecialized Carriers and Riggers Association, can handle all phases, from just one machine to a complete facility move (turnkey). Using specialized equipment, DFW Movers can provide service for many types of machinery including optical comparitors, delicate cameras, printing presses, chip shooters, ovens, lasers, hospital equipment, plastic injection molding machines, food processing equipment, metal stamping (punch presses, brakes and shears), metal working (lathes, mills and 5-axis gantries) and even sculptures, all ranging anywhere from fifty pounds to three million pounds+. In addition, with the company’s 160, 000+ square-foot warehouse, machines can be received, stored until needed and then transported to the customer’s facility. If desired, the machines can be connected electrically for testing prior to operation. Machine cleaning and electrostatic painting are also available. These services can be performed on-site at the customer’s facility. Transporting, machine foundation preparation, rigging and millwright installation or painting no job is complete until each phase is perfected to meet the customer’s needs and expectations. Expanding to meet those customers’ needs and expectations, therate Masterdivision was formed. Equipped to handle any crating specialty, the Crate Master team can fabricate containers for helicopters and airplanes, industrial machinery, antiques and art works, or even shipping containers used to transport exotic animals worldwide. With over 30 years of on-the-job experience, Crate Master performs every job to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Many machine tool components require calibration and balance. Highly specialized machines performing precise functions are required to be exact. Laser Precision meets those requirements for its customers, many of whom must comply with strict ISO 9000 governmental standards as well. Factory-trained laser technicians usingamar Laserdiagnostic andenishawcalibrating equipment can align machines for peak efficiency and performance. When providing service, Laser Precision is both the name and the goal. DFW Movers & Erectors, Inc has provided experienced, quality service to its customers for over twenty-three years. As for the future, DFW Movers is looking forward to “Moving You In the 21st Century”.