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Our companies combined experience adds up to well over 100 years worth of total hands on billiard experience. We insist on using 2 – 18″ Starrett brand machinests levels to precisely level each table we work on because this is the only way to get to the level of perfection that we require for all of our customers. These are not your everyday cheap carpenters levels that other so called billiard mechanics use. These levels are accurate too approximately one thousandth of an inch or .001″. We also have the expertise to use them properly. You don’t just hire a guy on one day and then call him an expert billiard mechanic the next. We thoroughly train our guys to do everything for our customers like they would do it if they were doing it for themselves. JD Long has been with us for about 15 years now as of 2017 when this was written. He has earned it from all his years of hard labor and service to our company so He has been promoted to partner. Our steward Steve Summers started out in 1971 repairing cue sticks for his father Sam Summers who owned a billiard supply here in OKC. called Game Room Supply. Steve’s son Sean Summers and his buddies Caleb, Colton and Lorenzo are fulling most of our Billiard Mechanic needs these days. Lorenzo is Steve’s son in law and father of his first granchild Loren. Our 2 most capable crews we are capable of preforming 4 half day long jobs per day. We stay on top of things the best we can so that we are usually able to get to your job within a day or twos notice. Our crews have at their disposal not only what they have learned over the years but also what Steve and some of the other older crew members have learned as well. Steve has spent his whole life in this business. He likes to say he was born into it. We now have a 3rd generation of the Summers family in the Billiard Industry. Stan McCreery has semi retired now but still continues to work a few days a week for us. You’ll get a real comfortable feeling when your in our shop because we are all about taking care of you. We’ll let you make all the decisions in your own time. We will honestly answer all your questions without blowing any smoke around. If you do decide to shop around don’t let yourself be pressured into a so called good deal. WE GUARANTY to BEAT ANYONE’S so called good deals PERIOD!!! It will be well worth your while to return to the place where you will be glad to have spent your hard earned money.